I am versatile and solution driven photographer, being able to adapt to any situation and environment to produce the best results possible.
– ER Lombard

I am a professional photographer with over 18 years’ experience. My work has encompassed a variety of industries including print media/news, PR, sport, architecture, fashion, food, decor and automotive.

Being meticulous about the quality of the images I produce, sparing no effort to ensure they are captured perfectly first time, saving post-production time and cost.

I am flexible, able to work in any environment, with most subject matter and with just about anyone – I have great interpersonal skills and am also very good with children.

I am uncompromising when it comes to quality and care for the tools of my trade. My extensive knowledge of and exposure to a wide range of cameras lenses and lighting equipment makes me an extremely efficient photographer and an excellent supervisor of other photographers and visual artists